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Industries we serve


We serve community service boards and boards of health which are faced with a rapidly changing scope of laws, regulations, workforce, and financial landscape and assist clients in navigating each new challenge presented. Through a close, hands-on relationship with each of the healthcare clients we serve, we gain a comprehensive understanding of goals, needs, and potential risks in order to prescribe a unique platform that caters to each unique circumstance. We assist with proper and timely reporting to the State and Federal levels.


Non-profit organizations sometimes require assistance with performing financial statement and single audits, and tax services throughout the state of Georgia. We help these organizations achieve their mission by assisting them in maximizing their financial reach through keeping them up to date on the most current non-profit issues. We complete our services in a timely manner in order to meet the reporting requirements at the State and Federal levels.


We provide financial statement and single audits for a variety of governmental entities. We help guide our clients through the ever-changing standards in governmental accounting and auditing and assist with promoting compliance and efficiency in the public sector. We provide objective, cost-effective assessments to improve the reliability of information necessary for the decisions that affect our communities.


We assist our clients with a variety of accounting services in order to grow and develop their business and understand the unique economic and regulatory factors that influence our clients' business. Our experience allows us to assist our clients as new strategies, markets, and technologies emerge. Like our clients, we continue to change, adapt and grow. Our experience assists our clients with opportunities to continuously improve their financial results and accomplish their goals.

Closely Held Businesses

Our goal for a variety of family-owned and closely-held businesses is to create profit within the business, retain cash flow through effective tax planning, and guide in financial decision making to help sustain the business for generations to come.

Employee Benefit Plans

Worry no more about financial statement audits of employee benefit plans as Robert Baker & Associates, CPAs can help clients with the proper and timely reporting of employee benefit plan audits. Plans with 100 or more eligible participants are subject to the financial reporting requirements of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). ERISA requires annual audits of plan financial statements be filed with their Form 5500.